Maharashtra Will Have Shiv Sena CM One Day Don’t Need Amit Shah And Devendra Fadnavis: Uddhav

Mumbai: Reacting to 50-50 formula Shiv Sena chief Uddhav said that his party is not ‘lying’. Addressing a press conference shortly after Fadnavis, Thackeray said that he had promised his father Bal Thackeray that there will be a Shiv Sena CM in Maharashtra, and he will fulfil the promise.

“We had never closed the doors for discussion, they (BJP) lied to us so we did not talk to them. We have not negotiated with NCP yet … I promised Balasaheb that Shiv Sena would be the Chief Minister One day, and I will fulfil that promise, for that I don’t need Amit Shah and Devendra Fadnavis, “said Thackeray.

Earlier during the day, Fadnavis held Shiv Sena ‘100 per cent responsible’ for the failure of talks between the two allies.

“They did not take my calls. They stopped the discussion. The alliance is not broken yet, neither they announced nor us. Our parties are still together in the Centre… I have a very close relationship with Uddhav ji Thackeray and it will continue, I called him up many times but he has not responded yet,” he said.

Fadnavis, however, denied that any such promise was made. “I want to make it clear again that it was never decided that every CM post will be shared for 2.5 years. There was never any decision on this issue. Even Amit Shah Ji and Nitin Gadkari Ji Said it was never decided,” said.

“Balasaheb Thackeray respects all of us, in fact, we have never said anything against Uddhavji Thackeray, but in the last 5 years and especially in the last 10 days with Modi Ji against our top leadership. The statements were made, they were not.”

However, the two parties have not commented on the status of their alliance.

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