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Priyanka Gandhi In Ahemdabad For Her First Election Outing

Mumbai: “Your vote is your weapon make the right decision ask the right questions,” Priyanka Gandhi said while addressing to a public rally in Gujarat.

She said the April-May Lok Sabha election was nothing less than the Independence movement.

Priyanka Gandhi targeted PM Modi even without taking his name for once. “The one who talk big in front of you, what about Rs 15 lakh credited in each bank account, where are the employment that was promised to make available? What about the safety of women?’ she said in the rally in Ahmedabad.

“People those who talk about Fitrat (nature), our country’s Fitrat is talking with truth and blow the winds with love of hate,” she said.

Fitrat was the word that PM Modi had used during his rally also in Ahmedabad saying, “Chun Chun Ke Hisab Lena Mera Fitrat hai”. His words were for Pakistan. Its was days when IAF sent its fighter jets, across the LoC, in Balakot, the biggest terror training centre of Jaise-e-Muhammad. This bombardment by IAF was in response to the 14th February Pulwama terror attack which footed death of 40 Indian CRPF soldiers and JeM claimed responsibility for it.

“Ask the right questions, this is your country, you have to guide the country,’ Priyanka said.
After many years in campaigning in her mother Sonia Gandhi’s Raebareli and brother’s Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi in UP, this was her first election outing.

47-year-old Priyanka said, “This country is based on brotherhood and love. It is sad to see what is going on in the country nowadays. Your awareness is your weapon as there is no bigger patriotism than being aware, your weapon is your vote. This weapon will not harm anybody, this weapon will strengthen you.”

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