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We Must Have ‘Dialogue’ With The Taliban To Avoid Millions Of Death: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Mumbai: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for talks with the Taliban to avoid “millions of deaths” due to the “economic collapse”.

In an interview with AFP, Guterres urged the international community to continue talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“We must maintain a dialogue with the Taliban, where we affirm our principles directly — a dialogue with a feeling of solidarity with the Afghan people,” he said.

“Our duty is to extend our solidarity to a people who suffer greatly, where millions and millions risk dying of hunger,” he added.

Guterres’ statement came as a UN envoy urged the Taliban to pump money into Afghanistan despite concerns over the government, warning the already poor country that otherwise a historic breakdown could result.

Saying that the UN wishes for an inclusive government where all components of Afghan society are represented, Guterres expressed disappointment over the first preliminary government.

“Terrorism must have no base in Afghanistan to launch operations in other countries and the Taliban must cooperate in the struggle against drugs,” Guterres added.

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