2 Women Let Shopkeeper Rape 5 Minors Including Their Daughters As Payment In Chennai

Chennai: Chennai Police have arrested a 48-year-old shopkeeper and two women, aged 28 and 30, after finding 50 videos of child rape in the man’s phone.

The two women, who are sisters, allowed the man to rape their minor daughters and record videos as payment for the goods they purchased. The shopkeeper in question even raped and filmed three friends of the sister duo’s daughters

The matter came to light when the police raided the shop of the shopkeeper, identified as Perumal (48), after a tip-off that he had kept banned tobacco products there. During the raid, the police seized a bag of tobacco material and a mobile phone from the shopkeeper.

In a jolt to the police, he checked the shopkeeper’s mobile phone to get the details of the dealers of the seized tobacco products. In the device’s photo gallery, they found around 50 videos of a man sexually assaulting children. The police initially thought that the shopkeeper had downloaded child pornography. However, later, it was concluded that the man seen in the clips was Perumal. Subsequently, Perumal was picked up by the police. During questioning, he told the police that he had been sexually assaulting the five minors for around six months, according to a report by The Times of India.

The police came to know that two sisters aged 30 and 28 were also involved in the crime. Both have also been arrested. One of them was having an affair with the shopkeeper. They allowed him to shoot the video for the heinous crime of sexually abusing minor daughters and as payment for items purchased from his shop. Three friends of the children who came to play at his house were repeatedly raped by the shopkeeper.

“These three children were too young to tell their parents what was happening… It is a shocking case. If the inspector had not checked his mobile phone, the case wouldn’t have come to light and the man would have abused more children,” the report quoted deputy commissioner Karthikeyan as saying.

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