BCCI Offer To Play 2 Extra T20Is Or One-Off Test In England After 5th Test Cancellation

Mumbai: BCCI have confirmed they’ve made an offer to England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to play two extra T20Is or a one-off Test. The offer has been made so that ECB can recover from losses incurred due to cancellation of fifth Test in Manchester.

BCCI secretary Jay Shah said that the offer of two additional T20 Internationals will remain in place if the ECB agrees to amicably resolve the impasse over the fifth Test.

“It is correct that we have offered to play two extra T20Is when we visit England next July (only for the white-ball games). Instead of three T20Is, we will play five T20Is. Alternately, we will be willing to play a one-off Test as well. It is up to them to choose either of the offers,” Shah told Cricbuzz on Monday.

The Daily Mail in the UK reported on Monday that the offer of a rescheduled Test still stands.

“However, the offer — designed to help ease a potential shortfall of 40 million pounds in English cricket’s already stretched budget — would be instead of, not as well as, the rescheduled Test. The offer of a rescheduled Test still stands,” the newspaper said.

It is learned that the BCCI has left it to the ECB to choose a Test match or two T20Is to be played during their tour of England next year. If the ECB chooses to play a Test, it will be the fifth match of a series, just like the one that was cancelled, and not a standalone game.

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