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Government Has A Major Role In Dealing With Balakot Attacks: IAF chief

Mumbai: Indian Air Force chief R K S Bhadauria said on Tuesday said that the strategic relevance of the Balakot strike reflects the political leadership’s resolve to punish the perpetrators of terrorism and this is a major shift of the government.

Bhadauria, who took over as the Chief of the Air Force a week ago, said that the Indian Air Force has to provide high service capability of combat equipment and exceptional training standards to ensure operational success in all future operations must be maintained.

In a written message Bhadauria said, “The strategic relevance of this is the resolve of the political leadership to punish the perpetrators of terrorism and the capability of the IAF to execute a strike inside Pakistan. This has been a major shift in the government’s way of handling terrorist attacks.”

He also said that the geopolitical environment has been rapidly changing and uncertainties have created numerous challenges to national security.

“It is extremely important that we are always vigilant and alert to the current sub-conventional threat. In the past year, the Indian Air Force has demonstrated its resolve and capability in punishing the perpetrators of terrorism and we have never met anyone. There is a need to be prepared. Contingency that challenges the defence of our country, ”the Air Force chief said, referring to the Balakot attacks.

Bhadauria said that the Indian Air Force acknowledges the contribution of all personnel of the commands, stations and units who had quietly and professionally contributed to the success of the airstrikes on terrorist camps in Balakot earlier this year.

(With PTI Inputs)

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