JP Nadda Slams Congress Says Party Demoralising Indian Army Soldiers With Its ‘Limited Knowledge’

Mumbai: BJP president JP Nadda lambasted the Congress for questioning the central government in the Galvan valley and said that leaders of the opposition party were tipping the morale of Indian Army soldiers by tweeting it with their “limited knowledge”.

“When our troops are stationed in the Galvan Valley, Congress leaders are tweeting and breaking their morale. They are asking why the soldiers are unarmed. It exposes their limited knowledge. Are they not aware of international agreements?” Nadda said here at “Rajasthan Jam Samvat Rally”.

“You are dropping the morale of the security forces. Your language. The use of language by a person reflects the values ​​of his family. These are not the values ​​of our country. You did not even respect your Prime Minister and tear apart his government’s ordinance,” he said.

Nadda further talked about the all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Modi to discuss the India and China border issue and said that when the whole country stands with the Prime Minister, the Congress party is asking what happened and how it happened.

“Yesterday the Prime Minister held an all-party meeting. The Prime Minister said in strong words that” no one has infiltrated our region. With one voice, everyone said that the whole country stands with the Prime Minister. But the Congress was asking what happened, how it happened, where it happened, “Nadda said.

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Twenty Indian soldiers lost their lives in the violent face-off on June 15-16 during an attempt by the Chinese troops to unilaterally change the status quo during the de-escalation in eastern Ladakh.

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