Kashyap And Motwane Received Legal Notice From Vikas Bahl

Mumbai : In a recent time Phantom Films partners Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane received legal notice from Vikas Bahl for accusing him and amid sexual harassment allegation against the Bahl.

“It is by design that after having remained silent about the alleged incident and alleged victim for three years, you have now come forward and support the alleged victim. It is imperative to highlight that the alleged victim herself has mentioned that your sudden moral enlightenment is nothing but a hoax and there is a personal agenda behind it,” the notice says.

A woman employee from Phantom film alleged that Bahl behaved inappropriately with me during the 2015 Goa trip. Earlier Vikas as one of the partrners of Phantom Films.

Notice issued by the Bahl thorugh Advocate Shamsher Garud which says Kashyap and Motwane made an public comment were “opportunists” and out of “professional jealousy” which was intentially defamed and destroyed the career of Bahl.

Meanwhile Bahl has “vehemently” denied all allegations against him. Further in the notice Vikas asked for an “Apology” and to withdraw the contradictory statements which was made by Kashyap and Motwane on social media.

Huffpost article, Kashyap and Motwane put out statements and announced that their production house Phantom Films stands dissolved.

Bahl also accused the duo for using the allegations as an opportunity to dissolve Phantom Film and shift the blame to him.

“There have been ongoing discussions between all four directors at Phantom to part ways amicably owing to creative and professional differences. You have falsely portrayed to the media that the reason for parting ways is supposedly the alleged incident of May 2015 which is in fact false and has been done in bad taste and contradictory to your tweet dated October 6, 2018 where you have stated that the dissolution happened amicably,” it read.

Later on Bahl’s  lawyer accused Anurag for of bribing another employee at Phantom Films to come up with similar allegations against Bahl.

“This makes us wonder whether the alleged incident of sexual assault also has any authenticity, given that the alleged victim was, in fact, working as your own employee, the notice said.

(With PTI Inputs)

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