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Mumbai Police Nab Five In Interstate ‘Sextortion’ Racket

Mumbai: Mumbai Police’s crime branch has arrested five people in connection with an interstate “sextortion” racket to blackmail people and extort them by threatening to make their pornographic video chats public, PTI reported. 

The BKC cyber police station has arrested the five accused after conducting operations in Nagpur, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha, the official told PTI.

He said the investigation has revealed that members of the racket had allegedly blackmailed several people over the past few months and made money by selling obscene video clips of at least 250 victims to 80 people in different states.

He said that prima facie it has come to light that the accused used a Nepal-based bank account for the transaction of money, which they used to transfer money to Indian bank accounts apart from the victims.

The accused used to create fake accounts on social media platforms posing as girls and lure men, mostly wealthy people with high-profile backgrounds, adding that the accused created 12 fake accounts and six fake email IDs.

He said while posing as girls on social media, the accused took the victims into confidence and insisted on starting obscene video chats, which they would then record.

He said that they used to blackmail the victims through recorded videos and extort money from them.

(With PTI Inputs) 

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