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NEET, JEE Main 2020: Subramanian Swamy Asks Why Is The Ministry Of Education Being So Obstinate?

Mumbai: NEET, JEE main 2020 exams are in huge buzz nowadays as exams as many of state government and students are continually demanding for the postponement of the exams for this year. 

Following which Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy on Tuesday asked why the Centre is so obstinate.

Taking to Twitter, Swamy said that the time has come for PM Modi to take a call and order the postponement of the exams.

“With so many state governments calling for postponement of NEET/JEE examination, and even Allen Coaching also, why is the Ministry of Education being so obstinate ? PM Modi must take a call and order the postponement—now,” he said in a tweet.

Earlier on Monday, Swami said that if the Central government goes through imposing the NEET/JEE exam now it will be a ‘giant mistake’ like the ‘Nasbandi’ in 1976 that resulted in the undoing of the Indira Gandhi government in 1977.

“If our Modi Government goes through imposing the NEET/JEE exam now it will be the giant mistake like Nasbandi in 1976 that caused the undoing of Indira government in 1977. Indian voters may suffer silently but have long memories,” Swamy had said in a tweet.

Swamy’s response came amid demands from students, parents and political leaders to postpone the entrance exam keeping in mind the state of coronavirus in the country.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) announced that after JEE (Main) from 1 September to 6 September and NEET (UG) on 13 September, there has been a mass uproar across the country.

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