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No plans To Enter Contract Farming, Not Looking To Benefit From Farm Laws Says Reliance

Mumbai: Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) said on 4 January that it had no plans to enter into contractual or corporate farming and was committed to empowering farmers.

The corporate said in a statement that it never bought agricultural land for corporate or contract farming nor did it have any plans.

RIL, through its subsidiary Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, filed a petition in Punjab and Haryana High Court about the interference. The company has also stated that they have not done any ‘corporate’ or ‘contract’ farming in the past, and there are no plans to enter this business.

RIL issued a statement saying, “These acts of violence have endangered the lives of thousands of its employees and caused damage and disruption to critical communications infrastructure, sales and service outlets run by its subsidiaries in both states.”

“The miscreants indulging in vandalism have been instigated and assisted by vested interests and our business rivals. Taking advantage of the ongoing farmers’ movement near the national capital, these vested interests have launched a sustained, malicious and motivated uprising campaign against Reliance, which has no basis in truth, it said.

“Reliance Retail Limited (RRL), Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL), or any other affiliate of our parent company, i.e., Reliance Industries Limited have not done any ‘corporate’ or ‘contract’ farming in the past, and have absolutely no plans to enter this business,” RIL said in its statement.

Neither Reliance nor any of our subsidiaries have directly or indirectly purchased any agricultural land anywhere in Punjab or Haryana or India, for the purpose of “corporate” or “contract” farming. We have no plans to do so,” it added,

Reliance Retail is an unmatched leader in the organized retail business in India. It sells products of all categories including food grains and staples, fruits and vegetables, daily use goods, apparels, medicines, electronic products of various brands belonging to independent manufacturers and suppliers in the country. According to RIL, it does not buy any grain directly from farmers.

It has never entered into long-term purchase contracts to obtain unfair benefits from farmers or does not intend that its suppliers buy from farmers at a lower than remunerative price, nor will they ever do so.

“We at Reliance have great gratitude and the greatest respect for the farmers of India, who are the ANNA DATA of 1.3 billion Indians. Reliance and its partners are committed to doing everything to enrich and empower it. As customers of our services, we believe in building a strong and equal partnership with Indian farmers on the basis of shared prosperity, inclusive growth and an equal New India,” said RIL.

Therefore, Reliance and its partners fully share and support the aspiration of Indian farmers to achieve fair and profitable prices based on estimates with hard work, innovation and dedication. Reliance wants a significant increase in its income on a permanent basis and vows to work towards this goal.

In fact, we will insist on our suppliers to be strictly adhered to by the minimum support price (MSP) mechanism, and/or any other mechanism for a remuneration price for agricultural produce, as determined and implemented by the government Could, RIL said.

Far from hurting the interests of Indian farmers, Reliance’s businesses have actually benefited them and the Indian public at large.

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