Passions to the Fore as Season 2 of Rusk Media’s Playground Gets under Way

Season 2 of Playground – a Rusk Media production that is also India’s first gaming entertainment show – is under way and all the drama, excitement and tension of the first week have whetted viewer appetites for the remaining episodes. There was much anticipation ahead of the second season of Playground after Season 1 garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the Gen-Z audience, and the first week has more than lived up to the hype.

If you’re looking for emotions, you have come to the right place – there are jealous participants, tense face-offs, and plenty of opinions flying around. If the first week lived up to hype, the second has surpassed it.

In Week 1 of Playground S2, we get to see a love triangle develop between Unnati, Adit and Anirudh. Unnati has her eye on one of them but both guys are competing for her attention. Adit, incidentally, was the captain of the winning team in Season 1, and is looking to retain the MVP he won – he might be a casual player but is very skilful and extremely difficult to beat.

There was also a scene worthy of a Bollywood melodrama, when Jay Khatri slapped Ruchir Jha. And in a poignant moment, Rain, an internal contestant in the house, bravely decides to continue in the show despite her mother’s passing. Meanwhile, Eli and Ruchir are eliminated and in their place come Dhruv Walecha and Parth Suri. Finally, YouTuber Saurav Joshi and choreographer Sanam Johar were the week’s guests on Playground.

In Week 2 of Playground S2, the new contestants are battling for supremacy with the bullies in the house, Adit, Ayan and Vanshaj. Meanwhile, Eupho and Sangwan come under fire for underperforming after having been sold for so much money.

When it comes to love, plenty is happening. Unnati, once the main attraction of the house, has been eliminated, and the focus now shifts to her romantic interest, Adit, and how he gets over not having her around. Meanwhile Mallika could not digest the fact that Scout picked Unnati over her in the auction, and it’s no surprise that she believes that Unnati does not deserve to be on the show.

We also get to hear about how the girls are being unfairly targeted for elimination. Each of Unnati, Mahira, Rain and Jessica too often end up getting benched, and are not being given enough opportunities to show their gaming skills, or to win gameplay ‘rumbles‘.

Commented Mayank Yadav, Chief Executive Officer, Rusk Media, “At the end of an action-packed week, I know the viewers can’t wait for what’s up next. Playground is first and foremost a gaming entertainment show but it’s also a test of personality in the spotlight. In their efforts to win the Ultimate Gaming Entertainer award and other accolades, we see the contestants and participants go through a range of emotions, from disappointment to elation and everything else in between. All of us can relate to these emotions at the same time as we root for our favourites.”

He added, “I’m not sure what we saw in Week 1 would have prepared us for what happened in Week 2. When contestants are looking to get the better of each other, sparks are bound to fly. But it is exactly in such situations that we see champions emerge, and see them at their most competitive. I don’t know who will win PG S2 but I do have a few candidates in mind – that’s why I can’t wait for the finish line!

Rusk Media is a full-stack ‘Gen-Z first‘ digital entertainment company whose premium content studio delivers social and OTT video IPs and a social UGC-gaming platform. Rusk’s Playground brand is India’s largest gaming entertainment IP.

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