Around 850 Million Doses Of Sputnik V To Be Produced In India

Mumbai: Russia plans to produce about 850 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ in three phases in India, confirmed Indian envoy D Bala Venkatesh Verma in Russia on Saturday.

Talking about the COVID-19 vaccine regime between India and Russia, Verma said that so far supplied 1,50,000 plus 60,000 Sputnik supplements and by the end of May, 3 million doses in bulk will be supplied

He said the vaccine supply is expected to reach 50 lakhs by June and vaccine production in India is expected to start by August.

The Indian Ambassador to Russia confirmed the current plan that over 850 million doses of the Sputnik vaccine would eventually be produced in India. He said that about 65-70% of Sputnik produced anywhere in the world would be from India.

“Sputnik will be produced in India in three phases. First, supply from Russia – fully manufactured – has already started. Second, RDIF will be shipped in bulk to India. It will be ready for use but it will have to be filled in various bottles in India.

Third, the Russian side will transfer the technology to the Indian company and the Indian company will produce it entirely in India. All these three phases put together will be about 850 million doses,” said D Bala Venkatesh Verma

He also announced that Russia has also proposed another COVID-19 vaccine called ‘Sputnik Light’. He said that the regulatory approval for this has not yet been completed in India, but once these regulatory approvals are received, Sputnik Light will be another area of ​​cooperation between India and Russia.

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