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COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Available By Next Year, Says Harvard Professor

Mumbai: Harvard Professor, Ashish Jha in a video conference with Rahul Gandhi expressed confidence over the preparation of the vaccine by next year.

“Three vaccines are showing promising results. These from America, China, and Oxford. I’m confident that the vaccine will be available by next year. India has to prepare a plan on how to avail vaccines for its populations”, says Jha.

Upon asking about the BCG Vaccines, Jha said that there is some circumstantial evidence of BCG vaccines to work out but not good evidence has been found yet. However the testing of these vaccines is underway.

Jha also emphasized the role of testing in containing the spread of COVID. Rahul Gandhi told him about his interaction with some bureaucrats who told him more testing means frightening people.

Stressing the need for decentralization in the handling of Covid-19 situation Gandhi said, “Every state has its own response to the disease. I get a sense that decentralized states will do better.”

“This disease will bring people together. It will make them realize that they cannot fight this disease with religion and caste differences”, he added.

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