Delhi Capitals Coach Ricky Ponting Wants Change In Laws To Keep Non-Strikers In Their Crease

Mumbai: Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting believes that a non-striker batsman is cheating if he is venturing out of his crease when the bowler is about to deliver the ball. quoted Ponting as saying that, “It shouldn’t reach that level anyway, batsmen shouldn’t cheat. That’s what batsmen are doing, batsmen are really cheating by trying to steal one or two yards. It’s something that needs to be addressed is. When it happened last year, I immediately addressed it with my team because it happened once in the IPL that I felt that every team would try and exploit the same thing.”

“I think that cheating batsmen should have nothing to do with the rules of the game and certainly not the ‘Mankad’ rules the way it is. I think if you bring in some sort of run penalty for the batsman if they’re deliberately leaving their crease and pinching ground that might be the way to go about it,” Ponting said.

He said, “I’m sure those discussions are happening right now because I don’t think it’s a good look at the game when you watch a ‘match’. I think something is going to change.”

Ponting also revealed that he had told the Delhi capitals of Manakad’s dismissal last year.

Ponting, the coach of the Delhi Capitals, now feels that he and Ashwin are on the same page about the outing of ‘Mankad’ and that he hopes for smooth sailing.

“He took me on a podcast with him. When I first came here I had a nice open conversation about it. I think we’re both on the same page. He feels he did everything in the rules and laws of the game and he’s absolutely right. He’s saying, ‘What if it’s the last ball of the IPL, what if I’m bowling and the batting teams need two runs to win and the non-striker is charging halfway down the wicket? What do you expect me to do,” Ponting said.

The IPL 2020 is scheduled to be played in the UAE from September 19 till November 10 across three venues — Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

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