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“I Will Raise The Voice Even At The Cost Of My Life,” Ravi Kishan Hits Back At Jaya Bachchan

Mumbai: Actor and BJP Member of Parliament Lok Sabha, Ravi Kishan on Tuesday took a dig on Samajwadi Party MP and veteran actor Jaya Bachchan over her “bite the hands that feed them” comment and said he worked his way up in the film industry without anybody’s support.

Ravi Kishan said that “There is a conspiracy to hollow out our film industry. As a responsible member of the film industry, it is not just my right, but my duty to raise it in Parliament and Jaya-Ji should respect that. I am just a son of a priest who crawled his way up and has worked in 600 films.” 

“I thought that Jaya Ji would support my statement. Not everyone in the industry consumes drugs, but those who do are part of the plan to end the world’s largest film industry. Jaya Ji’s situation was not like that, but now we need to protect the industry, ”he said.

“I raised issues to protect the industry from drugs. Jaya Bachchan is from a different party with a different ideology than BJP. Our ideology is to remove dirt from the country and we have been working on it under the leadership of the Prime Minister since 2014. I will not allow my film industry to be hollow inside. The industry is as much mine as it is of Jaya Bachchan. I will raise the voice even at the cost of my life,” he said.

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His statement comes after Ms. Bachchan in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday during the zero hours in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday in a veiled manner criticized him for stating that “drug addiction is in the film industry.”

“Because of just a few people, you can’t tarnish the entire industry … I was really embarrassed and ashamed that one of our members in the Lok Sabha yesterday, who is from the industry, spoke against the film industry. They bite the hands that feed them,” Bachchan stated.

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This comes at a time when the Narcotics Control Bureau, Mumbai has investigated the alleged drug use and supply in the industry, which came to light during the investigation into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

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