India Stand With Baluchistan, Twitter Users Of Baloch Ask Indian’s Help

Mumbai: Ever since Pakistan got independence Baluchistan was forcefully conquered by Pakistan without the consent of its citizens. The hashtag #Balochistansolidatoryday and #BalochistanIsNotPakistan is trending on twitter, the Baloch citizens with the help of twitter have gained the attention of Indians with the tag.

Twitter users have called on Pakistan as a butcher who ruined the lives of the Baloch youth, kids and has also alleged of raping women. The troubled nation has also held demonstrations and protests across the world to explain the terrible condition of their land. Many of the agitated Baloch citizens have also raised their voice against the United Nations who generally intervenes in any region where there is a rule of terror.

Human rights are violated on a daily basis on the Baloch land. Baluchistan is one of the biggest and wealthiest provinces of Pakistan have had to suffer many atrocities with respect to rampant wild behaviour of Pakistan.

In one of the UN meetings, ‘Voice for Missing Baloch People’ VBMP vice president Mama Qadeer Baloch said, “Since 1948 Baloch is under Pakistan rule and Pakistan has been killing and throwing dead bodies. They used to bury dead bodies in the forest, mountains and sometimes they would simply throw them on the streets.

According to the data more than 100,000 Baloch people have been killed by them and their bodies have been thrown.”

In Pakistan, there is now proper functioning of law. According to the people living there, Pakistan has a parliament, an independent Judiciary and other Independent institutions who work democratically… only on paper. The supreme power is still in the hands of the military.

Moreover, media is banned in Baloch. At such times questions arise as to why the UN has kept mum on Pakistan’s atrocities on the Baloch region? The women in Baloch have to suffer through sexual abuse and are provided with limited Education. The Women’s welfare organizations that work throughout the world for the welfare of women why are they acting indifferent about the whole violation of women’s right?

The Free Baluchistan Movement leader has also accused the UN of ignoring the city’s plea for taking an action against the Pakistani attacks. According to Baluch people, Pakistan just wants Baluchistan for their extensive source of gold and natural resources.

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