“There Was No Lockdown During World War,”Rahul Gandhi Slams Centre Over COVID19 Crisis

Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in a conversation with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj on the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on Thursday, criticized the central government for tackling the disease and said “there was no lockdown even during the World War”.

“It’s quite real. I don’t think anyone thought the world would be closed like that. I don’t think even during World War One, the world was closed. Even then, things were open. It’s a unique Gandhi Said., “Devastating event

“The economy slowed down before COVID-19. Unemployment was a serious problem before this virus. Now COVID-19 pushed it over the edge,” he said.

In response to the Congress leader, Bajaj criticized the central government for shutting down the ‘Draconian’, claiming that it was only in India that people were not allowed to go out.

Bajaj said, “The way India has been shut down is the ‘draconian’ lockdown. I am not hearing about such a lock from anywhere else. All my friends and family around the world have always been free to go out,” Bajaj said.

The Gandhian agreed with the opinion of the industrialist, saying, “This (lockdown) was also imposed suddenly. The bitter-sweet thing you said is shocking to me. See, rich people can deal with it as they have a home, a comfortable atmosphere, but it is completely devastating for the poor people and migrants.”

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The Congress leader said, “Many people have said that they have lost confidence and I think it is very sad and dangerous for the country.”

Rajiv Bajaj further targeted the Center, saying, “Do not understand that despite being an Asian country we should not look east, we looked at Italy, France, Spain, UK, and US. Not right benchmarks in any sense are it in terms of inherent immunity, temperature, demography, etc.”

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“Instead of looking west or east, why didn’t we say that we are indeed a confident country, let’s look at ourselves and come up with an Indian solution. Why wasn’t that a natural impulse?” Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi has been holding a series of dialogues on the state of India’s economy and the impact of coronavirus lockdown.

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