Twitter Profile Turns Red: Pakistan Stage Online Protest

Mumbai: The tensions between India and Pakistan are rising to new heights and between the verbal fight of the two countries the citizens of Pakistan too are now supporting their government by turning their twitter profiles red. The long-drawn fight seems like it is taking a new turn with every passing day.

The Pakistani twitter users have turned their twitter profiles red as a sign of protest against Indian decision of scrapping arctic neighboring provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir region.

The Pak Twitter users came up with the slogan “Go red for Kashmir. Let’s make your DP red #standwithkashmir,” said one user, while another tweeted, “Turn your DP red. Let the world see what is happening #kashmir.”

Pakistan was always of the view that some area of Kashmir that is under India’s control belongs to Kashmir and that India has illegally and unilaterally scrapped the article 370 and snatched what belonged to Pakistan. Pakistan has openly called on India that they will take this issue to the UN. As a sign of protest Pak had also declared that they will put an end to the bilateral trade relations between both the countries. In fact, the neighbouring country has also downgraded its diplomatic relations with India

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