Players Will Be Free To Opt-Out From Any Tour They Want: Jose Butler

Mumbai: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has started working on a plan to restart cricket after suspending the coronavirus epidemic, following which Jose Butler said that players will be given the option to opt-out of any tour or match if they feel uncomfortable because safety is paramount.

“I think that’s been made clear from Ash and Gurj and Nick Pierce, who have all been great at communicating with us, that the safety of the players is going to be paramount to any cricket being played and if you don’t feel comfortable then that is your own decision,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Buttler as saying.

“I think it would be very fair to say that if someone had reservations about playing, or didn’t feel comfortable for some reason, that might have affected their family, or it seems to happen, I think That will not be conducted in these times. Against you, “he said.

The West Indies are expected to be England’s first rivals whose planned three-Test series will be pushed back in July, and it has been reported that their players will be given the option of dropping one spot on the tour.

“I’m sure they are discussing. Personally, it will look different for each player and I’m sure all those voices will be heard. I think there are some apprehension and concern about it. Would be kind of natural. To ask this and a lot of questions, “Butler said.

In 2016–17, Eoin Morgan and Alex Hales refused to go to Bangladesh due to security concerns and Butler captained the team in Morgan’s absence.

He said, “In the same circumstances as going to Bangladesh, you talk with your family on this, you talk as players and I think you just have to make a decision that’s right for you. I’m sure That there will be no one. Pressure. Something they did not want to do, “Butler said.

“I know this has been made clear to England players – if you feel anything uncomfortable, you can talk to doctors, talk to Ash, and force you to do anything Can’t be done. So, eventually, he said, “I will come to you as a player and of course they will be discussing issues that look like him as aside.”

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